Denver Colorado Values General Labor

Denver Colorado is working to create more general labor jobs. With major home and business construction activity remaining constant, the need for general labor is paramount. Denver has created several initiatives to attract good labor: multiple staffing agencies advertise for general labor needs; construction workers are in high demand, and the construction industry is trending for long-term construction need from general labor to skilled trades. Organizations advertise at the street level; one-time grants for car-repair are seen to ensure employee travel to work; and, tuition reimbursement and 401(k) benefit packages are boosted to attract labor. In short, employers for general labor jobs denver co realize labor value.

“We are in a seller’s market for employees,” stated Ryan Gedney, State senior labor economist. “It is a true labor shortage, in a lot of areas.” The Denver Post periodically assesses local Denver labor shortage rates. Example: the state restaurant industry niche grew $4 Billion between 2010 and 2017, and Denver labor provides a substantial portion of that industry. King Soopers, the supermarket chain, continues to be instrumental in hiring general Denver labor. The chain recently raised its employee 401(k) match from 4 percent to 5 percent, offered tuition reimbursement to $3,500/year and paid employees on labor referrals. All initiatives to attract and maintain good labor.

The Denver construction industry is committed to apprentice training to ensure good labor. “We have been averaging 6 to 7 percent growth on an annual basis since 2011,” said Michael Gifford, president and CEO of the Associated General Contractors of Colorado. Classic employment agencies, as well as the digital marketplace (search engines, Craiglist) are vying to attract good general labor. And, they are willing to pay competitive wages for this labor, with benefit package boosts, to maintain their labor force. Daily labor employment locations are scattered throughout the Denver metropolitan area.

Fracking and drilling efforts have also increased in the last few years. The State of Colorado’s, Denver Julesburg Basin is booming for oil extraction – and might contain close to 5 billion barrels of oil. Robert Price is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Highlands Natural Resources (LON:HNR), a UK oil exploration and production firm headquartered in Denver, Colorado. His company is attached to the Lowry Bombing range oil reserves, located 20 miles SE of Denver. Both locations need oil labor and wages are high.

Landscaping, farming, or other seasonal industry niches all need labor. Companies are working to attract this labor with traditional marketing strategy but also are entering new marketing territory. Some Denver businesses have applied to the federal government to be chosen by lottery for worker hire under the H-2B visa program. This has been reflected through the hospitality, amusement park, restaurant, landscaping and seasonal farming industry within the Denver area. Denver businesses are working to avoid undocumented immigrant hire at below-market wages and want to ensure that general labor is valued. Prospective general laborers may very well find a long-term home in Denver, Colorado.