Commercial Concrete Services in Denver, Colorado

Concrete has been found in nature before the dawn of man. It was briefly experimented as a building material in ancient Egypt but became prominent in the Roman Empire when it was discovered that adding volcanic ash to lime, sand, gravel and fat created a rock-hard matter suitable for construction. It was used in the construction of the Coliseum, the reinforced dome of the Pantheon and in many other Roman structures, standing as a tribute even today. After the fall of Rome the techniques for creating concrete were lost for over a 1,000 years.

In 1824 an English bricklayer, building on the re-discovery of the art of mixing concrete, found that by burning finely ground chalk and limestone in a kiln, rather then just ground limestone, created a much harder concrete able to withstand water corrosion and provide greater compression support. This was termed Portland concrete. The next major development occurred when an inventor combined concrete with reinforced steel. The resulting product gave concrete greatly increased tensile, or adhesive strength, beyond concrete’s ability to withstand tremendous compression weight.

These advances in concrete moved this building material beyond simple structures and a port-building material to the foundational strength for larger heavy structures requiring much greater ability to support heavy buildings. This is what is used today for commercial building foundations throughout the world. Concrete Contractor explains that concrete has become the most used building material in the world. Concrete provides the foundation material for commercial, industrial and residential buildings. It is used in walls, walkways, parking structures, patios and for many other purposes.

When you use a commercial concrete contractor in Denver you are using a company that knows the best concrete mixture for foundations, walkways, heavy equipment driveways and decorative use concrete. These licensed contractors specialize in the right concrete for the right job from a commercial warehouse to multi-story office buildings.

Different concrete mixtures are used for each purpose. Foundations require the ability to support tremendous weight, as do driveways used continually for heavy equipment traffic. Walkways require a different mixture to support foot traffic and are rendered accordingly. Parking structures, parking lots and car driveways require additional concrete usage methods, possibly including Precast concrete slabs. Retaining walls and other fencing walls require additional specialization.

The advent of polished concrete, stamping methods and concrete staining for decorative purposes has reduced the need for tiles and stones offering beautiful, functional flooring at less cost. These methods are appearing in home usage for beautifully decorated flooring, patios, walkways and driveways. It is cost effective and if applied correctly provides a texture and appearance rivaling stone, brick and tile at a cost effective price. Concrete also requires much less repair. There are a number of services showing availability when conducting a simple internet search for commercial concrete denver co.

A commercial concrete contractor offers multiple service to commercial building developers, tackling jobs beyond just foundations, operating as multi-functional service providers. Review each site to find the licensed contractor to meet you needs. Many also offer their professional services with a residential division so anyone may benefit from their expertise.