Benefits of Iron Fences or Gates

Iron fences and gates have many benefits when installed around a home or businesses. They are decorative, and they give the property an esthetic appeal. These fences come in many different styles.


These fences are very strong and last for years. They are made from iron and a small amount of carbon. They should be painted every 10 to 15 year to keep them looking their best. Iron fences are used to for security fencing too, due to its strength and durability. It keeps unwanted intruders off the property.

It has a classic appearance that goes well with many different types of landscapes. It provides a structure to plant hedges and climbing plants. These fences are more expensive than wood and vinyl fences. They are easy to install, and most companies can install them in a few days. Some iron fences are made to be self-installed. Wrought iron fences were the standard option for upscale properties at one time.


There are many types of iron fences. A wrought iron fence brooklyn ny comes in a wide variety of styles. The simplest form of wrought iron fences is the picket fence. This fence has two or three horizontal rails with vertical pickets. The top portion of the fence is often pointed and sharp. The smooth roll fence adds horizontal bars to the top portion of the fence. The accessory pickets are added to the top of the fence called the finial. The scalloped picket fence combines decorative scrolls and pickets in the design. It often forms a concave pattern on the fence.

A Hairpin style fence is a popular older style of iron fences. It has horizontal rails that appear to look like a reversed U or open hairpin. It has horizontal rails, and fence rods that come in different shapes rectangular, square, or round.

Wrought iron fences are often found around built-in swimming pools. It is the strongest type of fence available. It provides a decorative look and safety around the pool. They are made for homes and commercial properties like hotels. Often the pool fence uses the most simple or classic design. With the many styles of iron fences, it’s easy to find the right one for your home or business.

More Design Styles and Uses

Athena Fence panels has dog pickets on the lower end of the fence to keep small animals and pets safely inside the property. Often panels are dipped in galvanized steel to provide long life for the fence. This fence has a simple rather square or boxy design at the top. The Essex Hyde Park Panel style has ornate scroll work with three or more horizontal frames. It has pickets spaced about 6 inches apart too.

Iron fences make a a good fence for homes, businesses, apartment complexes, and condos. It is a way to keep children and pets safe in the yard. It keeps strangers and animals from wandering onto your property. Often, it is used for both security and appearance. These fences can be six or seven feet in height. Iron fences come in many different styles to be used around pools, gardens, homes, businesses, and property.