Handling Your Loved One’s Last Requests

There are millions of men and women who die every day in the United States from many different causes. Some people die from injuries, illnesses, accidents and even suicides. According to the CDC, in America, there were about more than 2.7 million people who died last year. In addition, some of the leading causes of death included the following: heart disease, cancer, accidents, chronic lower respiratory diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, influenza, pneumonia, diabetes, nephritis and suicide. Whatever the reason for why your loved one has died, it is important to understand that there is quite a bit of steps that you must complete before you lay them to rest. If your loved one’s death was an unexpected one, things can get more complicated and difficult for you both emotionally and financially. For example, you’re the one may not have left you with life insurance, leaving the expenses for you to cover. An average funeral in America can cost thousands of dollars that the average person cannot afford. If your loved one has recently past, consider reaching out to a funeral home to receive assistance in paying your loved one to rest.

According to Smart Asset, the average cost for a cremation can run anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000 dollars at its lowest. In the year of 2005, there were about 32.3 percent of funerals that had cremations for laying their loved one down to rest. There were about 61.4 percent of families who opted for a traditional burial. However, by the year of 2013, there were about 45.4 percent of cremations and about more than 48.7 percent of burials. As you can see, the number of cremations has surprisingly increased over the years. Many specialists predict that by the year of 2030, there will be more than 71 percent of cremations and about 23.3 percent of burials. There are many different reasons for why people may opt to have a cremation as opposed to a traditional burial. For most people, it is economically affordable.

There are also many individuals who plan their own funeral before they even die. Many people also end up writing out a will to a legal representative to ensure that their last wishes come true. Some people also prefer a cremation over a burial because they wish to have their as ashes kept somewhere and sometimes there are families who prefer to keep their loved one’s ashes. The important thing is that you are upholding your loved one’s wishes and requests. Take time to consider looking up information about cremation services by looking up the terms: cremation services Chicago IL.

Losing a loved one can be detrimental for everyone. It is important that you maintain mental strength, so that you can be able to follow through with your loved one’s wishes. Getting assistance from a professional funeral home is the best way to see your loved one’s wishes come true. You will be able to complete all your loved one’s requests easily with the guidance of a professional.