Basic Things to Know About the Three Central Types of Siding

Siding adds to the overall aesthetics of a house. It is the fancy cover that fits over a home’s exterior frame. Siding adds definition and volume. It increase both curb appeal and resale value. It an also be an utter nightmare. If you are building a home and have found yourself at the siding crossroads choices may be a little daunting. Siding comes in various types made from various materials. Here are some key things to know about certain types of siding before you decide to put them on your house.


If you want a traditional look go no further than Wood. Wood is a versatile siding option, and it comes in a wealth of different styles. From board and batten to log these styles are both charming and beautiful. Most home-builders choose wood for it natural quality. It also comes in a bevy of types like ceder, spruce, redwood, and pine. The wood can be stained or left natural. If you go with wood you will definitely be able to create your own unique look.

Wood has its drawbacks however. One obvious con is that wood lacks fire-resistance. Another less known con is its susceptibility to water damage. This can cause it to bow out or even rot. Wood requires a little more love and attention than other forms of siding. Wood is also a popular target for woodpeckers and termites. In the finance arena, wood is an expensive siding to install.


Vinyl siding is made from resins and is a viable choice for many reasons. From a finance standpoint Vinyl has a lower cost than most other materials. Vinyl is also very versatile. It can be made to look like wood siding and pull it off. Vinyl is easy to maintain which is the chief point of its popularity. It also comes with an army of style and color choices. If you are looking for vinyl siding Des Moines IA., you will find it is very easy to install, this makes it popular with DIYers. It is strong too. Vinyl siding will last you a long time. It is impervious to weather and not popular with pests.

Vinyl also has its drawbacks but mostly they deal with aesthetics. Vinyl can have a very plastic look about it. This turns off many buyers. Additionally it does not stand up well against extreme weather.


Brick siding has a wealth of styles and textures. It provides a beautiful and rugged look to the exterior of a house. Homes have been built from brick for centuries so its use will automatically give your home a traditional feel. Brick siding is strong, long-lasting, durable, and does not need near the attention of wood. It can come in a variety of colors as well but it mostly known for its texture.

Bricks cons circle around price and installation. Brick is the most expensive siding to choose. It tops over wood in cost. It can also retain water damage like wood. In this case though the damage is in the form of seepage, which can happen if it is not installed correctly.