Are Agricultural Fertilizers Safe to Use?

Agricultural fertilizers are used for farming purposes. They are too strong for use in the average garden and are meant to be mixed with water and sprayed over a planting field using a misting machine. There are three main focuses in this type of fertilizer, nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. Each commercial fertilizer is referred to by the nutrient that it is the richest in. These fertilizers contain plant based organic materials, gypsum, lime, organic vegetable compost and manipulated animal manures. It is not allowed to contain un-manipulated animal manure due to regulations by the Department of Agriculture.

Modern Agriculture Relies Heavily Fertilizers

Because of the massive amounts of crops, they have to produce, farmers rely heavily on the use of these compounds. This has brought the United States into a heated debate about their use. This is especially with a large portion of the population focusing on foods that are grown organically.

Positive Aspects of Agricultural Fertilizers

Agricultural fertilizers are well noted to have positive effects on the ability of farmers to grow food. Their benefits are primarily derived from the phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium contained in the mixture. As seen, they can be positive.

They Are Specially Formulated

Fertilizers are specially formulated. And this formulation is done with specific ratios based on individual plant needs. They are also carefully labeled with their nutrient ratio on the front of the bag so there is no confusion.

They are Rich in Minerals

The purpose of these mineral ratios being so precise is that farmers use agricultural fertilizers to enhance depleted soils to meet the plants basic nutritional requirements, so they produce the maximum yield possible. They provide a dependable and predictable amount of nutrients to plants, even when the soil has been depleted from years of farming. The carefully measured ratio dissolves seeps into the soil quickly, absorbing directly into the cells of plants. Since the actions of the fertilizer are predictable, farmers can create a fertilizing schedule with ease.

They Grow Crops Bigger and Faster

The world of agriculture is focused on who can grow a lot of large crops. When they are constantly being fed large quantities of the minerals they need to grow. And they produce their edibles much faster and larger than with standard garden fertilizer.

Producing These Fertilizers Is Inexpensive

Since this type of fertilizer is essentially the required nutrients mixed with synthetic fillers, fertilizers made for agricultural use are very inexpensive to make. They are also inexpensive for farmers to purchase. While these fertilizers may initially seem like a positive addition to farming, they can also provide very negative consequences. These fertilizers are strong and can cause burns on plants, soil, and people. It has also been documented that they cause toxic run off and pollute nearby water sources.

One of the most notable downsides to this type of fertilizer is that they only provide nutrients for a short period. They only provide three nutrients for the soil and the plants to thrive. Unfortunately, in the concentrations they are used, these nutrients are well-known to absorb and kill off other nutrients. This leaves the soil dangerously low in other nutrients. They are capable of producing large quantities of food, but many of these foods are showing to be low in nutrient yield.